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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

2011 Fixtures Released

BarryBarry writes:

Full fixtures and results from the 2011 season.


【第1節】 Mar 5th (Sat) 19:00 Kashiwa 3-0 S-Pulse (report)
【第7節】 Apr 23th (Sat) 14:00 S-Pulse 1-0 Fukoka (report)
【第8節】 Apr 29th (Fri) 17:00 Yokohama FM 1-1 S-Pulse (report)
【第9節】 May 3rd (Wed)15:00 S-Pulse 0-1 Hiroshima (report)
【第10節】 May 7th (Sat) 15:00 Nagoya 1-1 S-Pulse (report)
【第11節】 May 14th (Sat) 14:00 S-Pulse 1-5 Kobe (report)
【第12節】 May 22nd (Sun) 16:00 Omiya 1-4 S-Pulse (report)
【第13節】 May 28th (Sat) 14:00 S-Pulse 0-0 Scummers (report)
【第14節】 June 11th (Sat) 19:00 G. Osaka 2-2 S-Pulse (report)
【第15節】 June 15th (Wed) 19:00 S-Pulse 2-1 Yamagata (report)
【第16節】 June 18th (Sat) 18:00 Urawa 1-3 S-Pulse (report)
【第17節】 June 22nd (Wed) 19:00 S-Pulse 2-3 Kawasaki (report)
【第18節】 June 26th (Sun) 18:30 S-Pulse 1-0 Sendai (report)
【第2節】 July 2nd (Sat) 13:00 S-Pulse 0-0 Kashima (report)
【第3節】 July 9th (Sun) 13:00 Kofu 1-2 S-Pulse (report)
【第4節】 July 13th (Sun) 13:00 Sendai 0-0 S-Pulse (report)
【第5節】 July 16th (Sat) 13:00 S-Pulse 2-1 Niigata (report)
【第6節】 July 23rd (Sat)13:00 C. Osaka 0-4 S-Pulse (report)
【第19節】 July 30th (Sat) 19:00 Hiroshima 0-4 S-Pulse (report)
【第20節】 Aug 6th (Sat) 19:00 Niigata 0-4 S-Pulse (report)
【第21節】 Aug 13th (Sat) 18:30 S-Pulse 3-0 Omiya (report)
【第22節】 Aug 20th (Sat) 18:30 S-Pulse 3-3 C. Osaka (report)
【第23節】 Aug 24th (Wed) 19:00 Yamagata 1-1 S-Pulse (report)
【第24節】 Aug 27th (Sat) 19:00 S-Pulse 0-0 Yokohama FM (report)
【第25節】 Sept 10th (Sat) Scummers 2-1 S-Pulse (report)
【第26節】 Sept 17th (Sat) S-Pulse 1-0 Urawa (Ecopa) (report)
【第27節】 Sept 24th (Sat) Kawasaki 1-1 S-Pulse (report)
【第28節】 Oct 2nd (Sun) S-Pulse 2-0 Nagoya (report)
【第29節】 Oct 15th (Sat) Kobe 1-1 S-Pulse (report)
【第30節】 Oct 23rd (Sun) S-Pulse 3-0 Kofu (report)
【第31節】 Oct 29th (Sat) Fukuoka 2-2 S-Pulse (report)
【第32節】 Nov 20th (Sun) S-Pulse 1-2 Kashiwa (report)
【第33節】 Nov 26th (Sat) Kashima 3-0 S-Pulse (report 1 report 2)
【第34節】 Dec 3rd (Sat) S-Pulse 1-3 G. Osaka (report)

League Cup

1) Mar 16th (Sat) 19:30 Urawa v S-Pulse
2) Mar 26th (Sat) 13:00 S-Pulse v jubilo
3) No Game
4) Apr 20th (Wed) 19:00 Kobe v S-Pulse
5) May 11th (Wed) 19:00 S-Pulse v Fukuoka
6) May 25th (Wed) 19:00 S-Pulse v Sendai
7) Jun 5th (Wed) 13:00 Hiroshima v S-Pulse

The above fixtures were cancelled after the March 11th earthquake. The tournament was reorganised into a straight knock out. Out games went as such:

1st Rnd, 1st leg) Kofu 1-0 S-Pulse (report)
1st Rnd, 2nd leg) S-Pulse 2-0 Kofu (report)

2nd Rnd, 1st leg) S-Pulse 2-1 Niigata (report)
2nd Rnd, 2nd leg) Niigata 3-1 S-Pulse (report)

Emperor's Cup

2nd Rnd) S-Pulse 2-0 Gifu 2nd (report)
3rd Rnd) S-Pulse 5-0 Gainare Tottori (report)
4th Rnd) S-Pulse 2-0 JEF United (report)
1/4 Final) Cerezo Osaka 2-2 S-Pulse (Cerezo win 6-5 on pens) (report)


Amir/Iran said...

Many thanks for all you've done Barry. I've learned much from what you wrote and reported:)

DJ Dog Bite said...

Great work Barry. Cheers from Salinas, California, USA. How did we get into the Nabisco Cup Finals?? I look forward to one day getting loco with you in the West End someday!