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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Niigata 4-0 S-Pulse

Barry Barry writes:

Niigata 4-0 S-Pulse

Att. 37830

GK Usui

DF Tsujio
DF Hiraoka
DF Bosnar
DF Ota

MF Ono
MF Muramatsu
MF Sugiyama

FW Omae
FW Nagai
FW Brosque

Subs Used

Takagi on for Brosque (55)
Edamura on for Sugiyama (73)
Yamamoto on for Tsujio (80)


You have got to be joking. Well, at least it wasn't four.

Oh, hold on, as I type this, it is four. :( Another 94th minute goal for the opposition.

Are we trying for our worst ever goal difference? What the hell has gone wrong these last three games? This season was always going to be transitional, so here's to us finding our feet again and stopping this horrific run at home to Omiya on Saturday.

We only drop one place to 10th thanks to a bit of a cushion from our recent good run. I don't think anyone except the current bottom three will be going down, so let's not panic or get on anyone's back just yet.

But seriously, though. This can't go on.

Ghotbi Says

Translated back to English, so not his exact words, but the gist.

"We gave everything we had. We were unlucky to go one nil down and end the first half behind. We have a lot of injured players and people who aren't at full fitness and having a hard time of it. A positive is that even at 3-0 down we never gave up and were attacking until the end.

We're getting all our bad luck at once. I'm happy that our next game is at home where we can play in front of our own fans and stop this bad run."



Reaction from our travelling fans at full time. Can't say I blame them.

In other news, Brighton scored an 98th minute winner to mark a dream start to life at The Amex Stadium. After the last three weeks, I bloody needed this, I can tell ya!


shadows said...

lol Barry.. That was my same feeling as well at 2-0 ..I was atleast happy this is not another 4-0...but you gotta be kidding me..3 4-0's in a row ..but the big question now is can we beat Nigata in the J-C? :P

Yujiro said...

Boo! Barry's prediction came true! Incredible! Goal diference doesn't matter this season. Next!

shadows said...

The only plus to come out of these 3 weeks has been that Jubilo has also been losing .. so we still are level on points with them :)

karasu said...

It seems to acquire the player.


Barry said...


Yep, Jubilo losing again did cheer me up slightly, but three 4-0s in a row - wth?? As for the league cup... dunno. :-S


haha - I was writing the report at 3-0 with the game nearly over and suddenly another goal goes in. Gah!

Yep, goal difference is out of the window for this season - we'll just haver to make sure we get one more point than Jubilo. :)


This is interesting news!! I watched Jong-a-Pin on YouTube. He could do well in Shimizu!

karasu said...

If the wedding could win again YUJIRO:)