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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

S-Pulse Set to Sign Calvin Jong-a-Pin

Barry Barry writes:

News has been rife around the tubes that Dutch defender Jong-a-Pin is set to sign. The 6 foot 25 year old is currently attached to Heerenveen but is out of contract this summer.

The 2008 Olympic international has been playing as a left back but is said to be able to play as a defensive midfielder or at centre back. This is encouraging as Ota has earned himself an international call up this season thanks to his performances as left back.

Well, as soon as anything is official I'll be tweeting and posting it here, so watch this space. It's an interesting signing, the first of Ghotbi's reign, and looking at our last three games, one we probably need.

In my experience, the Dutch speak excellent English and this would be a major boon in helping him settle in. With Eddy, Alex, Ono and of course Ghotbi (and several others) communication shouldn't prove any kind of problem.


Here's some selected clips of Jong-a-Pin. As if the fact he's wearing a very Brighton-esque strip wasn't enough, it's dotted with HEARTS! :D Love it.


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