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Sunday, 21 August 2011

VIPs from Yamada City

Barry Barry writes:

Saturday's 3-3 thriller with Cerezo Osaka was host to 50 special guests from Yamada City, Iwate prefecture; a town almost completely destroyed in the March 11th tsunami. A number of junior high and high school students and family members, numbering around 50 in total, were presented with the invites by Takahara.

"Thank you Takahara, Thank you S-Pulse"

I glad they were given a crazily entertaining, maybe if not winning, game to enjoy, and I hope everyone went home with some good memories of Shimizu. You are truly welcome back any time. Nice job Takahara, and nice job S-Pulse.


shadows said...

Hey Barry.. A couple of Questions. To get a ticket in 7/11 for the weekend game, What do i ask for? and can you reserve a seat for this weekend game as well?

Barry said...

In 7/11 there's a ticket machine which is part of the photocopier. Print or copy this and show it to the person in 7/11 and they'll be able to order the ticket for you.




西サイドスタンド 2階



As for other games, the guide I made pretty much covers everything.

shadows said...

ok thanks..see you this weekend then..keep a seat open if possible like last week..cheers!

Barry said...

OK, I'll put a seat by for you this week as well. :)