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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Freddie Ljungberg Signs (Seriously)

Barry Barry writes:

After Krueger and Mercury, and ahead of Prinze Jr, the world's third most famous Freddie has signed until the end of next season. The ex Arsenal great is quoted as hoping to make his début in a fortnight - in time for the derby.

In town to sign the contract

Exciting? Just a bit. It's been a good few years since any Japanese team has got hold of a major name, and he's certainly our highest profile signing since Massoro. He's got the remainder of this season to show he's still serious about his football and then next year to fire us to GLORY.

He's a mere pup at 34, which gives him a year or two to terrorise the J. League defences. Can't wait to see how he gels with Ono - it wouldn't be the first time. :)

Yeah, I think he'll do. :) Any chance he'll grow his hair back for a bright orange mohican as per his trademark red one while at Arsenal? We can only hope. :D


Yujiro said...

What a wonderful surprise!Incredible:)))

Nerdy said...

Now THAT is a signing to get excited about. The mohican is probably out though, he`s balder than me. Maybe he could have an orange bush?