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Saturday, 16 July 2011

S-Pulse 2-1 Niigata

Barry Barry writes:

S-Pulse 2-1 Niigata
Ono 57---------------------- Ishikawa 5
Takahara 90 -------------- Suzuki sent off (55)

Att. 13599

Line Up

GK Usui

DF Muramtsu
DF Hiraoka
DF Bosnar
DF Ota

MF Yamamoto
MF Edamura
MF Ono

FW Kobayashi
FW Takahara
FW Brosque

Subs Used

Omae on for Koboyashi (HT)
Nagai on for Ono (78)
Takagi on for Edamura (78)


I'm bloody knackered, so I'm going to write this either Sunday or Monday. In a nutshell, Niigata were the most one dimensional team to come to Nihondaira this year, and despite taking an early lead, we always controlled the game. After the red card, Niigata's game plan was to keep nine men behind the ball with the Brazilian striker waiting upfield for long balls to hit us on the counter.

An S-Pulse moon was out

Tuesday update

Well, it's a bit later than I hoped, but I've had a busy weekend celebrating a UKU wedding (not mine!) and have finally just been able to sit down and write a bit more. As I mentioned, Niigata were not so good, but their goal was very well taken and they almost had two after we made a mess of a back pass.

With the man advantage we were always in control, save for a couple of the counter attack breaks. We just didn't seem able to create the killer chance. That was until a Takagi shot forced a corner, and another piece of perfect predatory positioning penetrated the Niigata defence. The goal, right on the stroke of the 90th minute sent us all barmy and Takahara was visibly loving it. If he keeps this up (and I think he just might) I might just forget he ever used to play for iwata.

We're up to sixth and face Cerezo on Saturday for a chance to climb into the top three. Ole!

Full time

By the way, out of our starting 11, EIGHT were natives of Shizuoka prefecture. Ota was the only non Shizuokan Japanese, and that is pretty impressive if you ask me.

" サイコーー!!"


Personal videos. First Ono's penalty.



William said...

Awesome, we are now only 3 points back of Kawasaki Frontale! Congratulate on 伊東輝悦選手's 500th game

shadows said...

Nigata suck( as you said one dimensional:P)..Even with all the mispasses from our side, they did virtually nothing.Usui didnt have any tough saves to make at all...

The winner was just awesome to watch Live....The fans were awesome as usual! too bad we played the 2nd half in the other end of the field from the kop!! :)

And Barry..finding a foreigner in a crowd of Japanese is just way too tough even with your hint :P..maybe the next time :)

Barry said...


Yeah, that's an amazing achievement for Teru! It's weird to see him in blue but good luck to him.


Really? I was in the normal place, but the huge orange samurai face banner wasn't there on Saturday! Well, maybe next game then. :) Kofu midweek next week.

shadows said...

hmm i see...well i cant make it to Kofu game..its at 6PM on wednesday and i have work till atleast 5 :)..Lets see if i can come to one of the away games...How do you guys go btw to away games?(car?)

Barry said...

It depends on the game really, but I often take the train. There's also the team bus tours, which are cheap, but I've never taken it before.

shadows said...

well i mean the coming games like the Osaka one or the Hiroshima game..Trains are freaking expensive in such cases :) Since there's no chance i can make it to the Kofu game due to my place being an hour off Shimizu, the next home game is on Aug13th(J-League) and thats a bit far away...

Barry said...

Well, the further away games I tend to take the train. Expensive, but I hate long bus or coach journeys. Hiroshima would set you back about 40000 return on the shinkansen, so if you go it's probably worth staying down there a a couple of days and seeing the sights!