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Monday, 28 February 2011

New Songs / Practice draw with Niigata

BarryBarry writes:

2011's new chants have been decided, as is the system, and demonstrated on YouTube for us all to listen to and learn before the start of the season. My favourite is a Blue Hearts track appropriated for the purposes of Dankestu Shimizu:

For some reason Blue Hearts tracks are always excellent for chants, and I'm glad we've got one. Look forward to belting it out at Kashiwa on Saturday, and like the different variety it gives to the normal samba vibe.

Click here for 12shunsuke12's channel with the other new calls and chants. Bosnar gets a pretty funky one as does Genki. The oft used over the years Okoku Shimizu has been officially recognised, or maybe that should be reinstated? I've been hearing it struck up in big games for at least five years - perhaps it used to be a regular song.

S-Pulse 1-1 Niigata

In other news, we drew 1-1 in a practice game with Niigata on Sunday. Ota bagged our goal capping an excellent pre-season for him after his assist and goal against Yokohama FM in the SDT Cup last week. Have a feeling he may be a man to watch this year.


Nerdy said...

S-Pulse Northern Soul!! Nice t-shirt!

Barry said...

The plagiarisms are many. :)