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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Kashima 3-0 S-Pulse

Barry Barry writes

Kashima 3-0 S-Pulse
Gabriel 50
Nozawa 69
Alex 73

Att 21542

GK K. Yamamoto

DF Tsujio
DF Iwashita (15)
DF Bosnar
DF M. Yamamoto (32, 58)

MF Hiraoka (38)
MF Ljungberg
MF Sugiyama

FW Brosque
FW Takahara
FW Omae

Subs Used

Edamura on for Sugiyama (55)
Takagi on for Takahara (73)
Ota on for Tsujio (85)


Can't read too much into this result. No Jong a Pin, no Ono, no Ota at leftback (Masaki instead), a referee who called a clearly onside goal as offside in the opening stages and waved yellow cards around like confetti (at our players).

Aaah, sorry - never had the time to write much more than this and as time is moving on I'll just leave it here.


A belter of a football ground


Freddie has a word


As and when.


shadows said...

Hey Barry..whats up with us losing heavily on the road all the time!! are we really bad or are the opponents just being too good ..The games dont air on tv for me so i have no clue :P

btw things at the top have become close considering Kashiwa's stupid draw at home to Cerezo(2 away from Gamba) so weekend game might actually be good coz there is something involved :P Speaking of which, can you keep a seat for me this weekend? Difficult convincing ppl to come watch the game at 'Daira :D Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Any Freddie fans here? If so you're welcome to join us at: http://hannaafc4ever.proboards.com/index.cgi
// Arsenal supporter

Barry said...


This game was a mixture of things. An experimental line up, dodgy refereeing, the home team got a very lucky break, two of our regular midfielder were out... ah, it was just one of those days.

As for Saturday, sure, I'll put a seat by!