Saturday, 5 November 2011

Avispa Fukuoka 2-2 Shimizu S-Pulse

Barry Barry writes

Fukuoka 2-2 S-Pulse
Ramazotti 66 -------------- Iwashita 61 (pen)
Nakamachi 68 ------------- Bosnar 64

Att. 12632

Line Up

GK K. Yamamoto

DF Tsujio
DF Iwashita
DF Bosnar
DF Ota

MF Jong a Pin
MF Ljungberg
MF Brosque (yellow 67)

FW Takahara
FW Takagi
FW Omae

Subs Used

Sugiyama (yellow 93) on for Takagi (68)
Ito on for Takahara (90)


Late, as promised. Fukuoka is a belting city, and they have a cracking stadium, but my one minor gripe is that the incline of the seats behind the goal just isn't steep enough to make out the far end properly. Apart from that, top marks. I also went down to (most probably) next season's Kyushu J1 representatives, and Sagan Tosu too boast a stunning football only ground with access Nihondaira would kill for (if stadiums could kill for things).

Give it time and we could see Kyushu rising as a power in J1. The all pervasive baseball consumes most sporting conciousness, but they have the infrastructure in place for footer. A good couple of years with some momentum built up there could be a power shift in Japanese football.

As for the game, I can only imagine how hard it must be motivating yourself for a meaningless game against relegated opposition, but the travelling fans deserved a bit more. We created few chances in the first half (I just checked the stats and we had one shot on goal) and Ono's (who was rested) captaincy and leadership were missed. Jong a Pin, as has often been the case, was a stand out, though. He's been a great signing.

The second half was better, but until the goal we weren't especially looking the more likely to score. A handball off a Ljungberg shot led to a penalty which for some reason Iwashita took. He made no mistake, but it was an unexpected choice, and were we in the running for anything other than prize money I doubt he'd have taken it. Two minutes later Bosnar walloped a freekick home which we've not seen for a while, and we had just long enough to think that was job done before a header came off Ota's head and looped over Kaito into the net. 2-1.

Two minutes later and we'd lost our lead and the game's explosive seven minutes were over. A couple of half chances for the home team was all that was really left, and it was game over. Hardly vintage S-Pulse, but it means we've only lost one in our last eleven. No league game now until the 20th when we have a chance to throw a spanner into Kashiwa's works but before that Gainare Tottori in the cup on the evening of the 16th.

500 miles? Piece of cake

Nice screen

You almost can't see the joins :)

The other lot

Ghotbi says

Not his exact words but, ah, you know the drill by now.

Firstly, I'm been really impressed with such a beautiful city as Fukuoka and am happy to have come here. And this stadium is maybe the most beautiful in Japan. I want to congratulate Fukuoka. The ran and fought for 90 minutes.

I thought if we could get the first goal we could then control the game, and we did. After we got the second, I thought that we'd be in complete control, but we let in a strange goal. The opponent's header came off the top of Ota's head and floated in over Kaito. At 2-1 the stadium came back to life and with that momentum they made it 2-2.


The only vid I've found so far - poor Ota. :(


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the game, and agree that I think you have a player in Jongapin.

Glad you liked the stadium, not having a running track is by far and away the best thing about supporting Avispa for me (not much else to cheer about at the moment!).

Barry said...

For what it's worth, I hope you come back up next season! I know it's some way behind baseball still, but with three teams in one small area there's clearly hunger for football in north Kyushu. I wanted to visit Kitakyushu's stadium too but just couldn't fit it in.

What's the rivalries like down there? I guess Sagan and Avispa is the main one with Kitakyushu the new boys on the block?

Anonymous said...

Avispa and Sagan Tosu is the main rivalry, and is a pretty fierce one.

Bit disappointed to see they may be about to finish their run as the only original J2 team to never get to J1.

Kitakyushu are seen as a bit more of a younger brother than a rival, but with their better results this year that may change if they take points off us next season.

How do you feel about Ljungberg? Can't say I was very impressed.

Barry said...

That wasn't his best game for us so far. It's early days just now, but I think Freddie is a better player with Ono on the pitch. Ghotbi's ideal starting midfield is probably Ljungberg, Ono and Jong a Pin as per our defeat of Nnagoya.

Fitness is going to be the main issue next year, so I guess it's inevitable the older two will be rotated for lesser games.

Another win for Sagan - I guess they're on the up with FC Tokyo.