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Monday, 31 January 2011

Alex Brosque Set to Join

BarryBarry writes:

Aussie striker Alex Brosque looks set to become an S-Pulse player after an arbitration committee ruled in his favour today. As I understand it, Brosque had a buy out clause in his contract, but not in his newly signed one, due to come into effect April 1st. However, Sydney FC insisted the new contract's terms to be in effect already, a claim thrown out by the arbiter.

This clears the way for the big man to join his countryman Bosnar at Nihondaira for the new season.


Cerezo Fan said...

Hi Barry

I've just started a Cerezo (see you in April!) fansite and was hoping you could add it to your links.



Barry said...

Hi, and cheers for the link! Always good to see new blogs starting up. I've replaced the current link to a Cerezo site with yours, as that one seems to have died a death and is no longer there.

I hope to get to Osaka in April if I can - I've not been to the Kincho stadium and need to check it off my list!