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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Alex Brosque in Talks

BarryBarry writes:

S-Pulse are in talks with Sydney FC over the signing of their top scorer Alex Brosque. Interesting news, but perhaps even more interesting is the fact we're described as J. League heavyweights. First time I've heard us called that, but has a certain ring to it.

J. League heavyweights Shimizu S-Pulse.



Masakuni said...

J. League heavyweights Shimizu S-Pulse.

It's very nice!

And now, I found another good words on the web.

Sydney FC is understood to have already officially turned down two offers from powerful Japanese club Shimizu S-Pulse.

You can see it at here.

Barry said...

We're the powerful J. League heavyweights, Shimizu S-Pulse!

I love it!