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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Honda to Kashima

BarryBarry writes:


Time for Edamura to step up.


William said...

I am speechless, we lost all the great players. The newer players definitely have to step up. Better team just getting better, saying Kashima and Nagoya!

William said...

By the way, Barry, 兵働 昭弘選手が、左第5中足骨骨折の治療のため、1月14日(金)に手術を行いました。全治は約3ヶ月です。 He will not be playing against us on season opening game. Good luck to him

Fuz said...

Bollocks indeed!

Barry said...

That's a shame Hyodo's not going to make the opening week. Was looking forward to booing him. ;)