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Friday, 21 January 2011

New Kit for 2011 and SPIRIT UP!

BarryBarry writes:

The first pictures of the new kit for 2011 were released today. Click here, here and here to see it. I'll be sure to grab a few close-ups at the Thanks Day event on the 30th.

My verdict? Bit more interesting than recent years, but until we go back to the world map style for which we're famed, we're only treading water...

Yes!Not so much


By the way, Spirit Up! is our new catchphrase for 2011. OK then.


karasu said...



Barry said...

Interesting! If we play 3 Top, we need a big target man.

Jay said...

Really?? You like the map design? I prefer the simple dark orange - from '05 I think...

William said...

Dude, the world map design is what make the jersey unique, now the jersey look too plain and nothing special.

Teraryo said...

He is tall. However, in his best position, it seems whether it is the second top or attacker of the left side, not center forward.
He seems to have been said to be the successor of "Harry" Kewell in Australia.

Nerdy said...

Orange Spurs!! Maybe S-Pulse can get Robbie Keane in to get the full effect??

Barry said...


I just love it's individuality. Noone else has it, and if they went back to it, I'd buy one like a shot!


Absolutely! Seems we just go with a generic design from a catalogue these days.

Barry said...


Thanks for the info. I didn't know anything about him before this news broke. We've just signed Takahara to play up front, too and we have several other forwards in our ranks. Seems like the new manager is going to have his work cut out fitting all the pieces together.


Bloody generic kits - totally uninspiring. Wouldn't say no to Keane, though. :)