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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hara / Hyodo / Fujimoto desert the club that made them

BarryBarry writes:

Hara joins Urawa, Hyodo joins Kashiwa, Fujimoto joins Nagoya.

Shut the door on your way out.


William said...

Shit, we are screw.. We lost our top scorers, number 10, captains, long serve players........... Wow, I hope they do sign some players otherwise I cannot imagine what will be happening next year.

Barry said...

Jungo's loss is the one that will be most keenly felt, but the capture of Daigo Kobayashi to replace him is a master-stroke IMO.

Hyodo's captaincy should be taken over by a better, more more experienced player (Ono). I just really hope Takuya Honda doesn't leave, as that WOULD be a big loss.

And Hara? Well, he's only ever been on the periphery for the last four years. Takahara has come in, who I'm hoping will thrive in his own back yard in what will be a stable environment as apposed to the mess of a club Urawa was when he was there.

We also have wonder boy Higuchi and Sho Ito as well as Omae and even Nagai who may get a chance next year.

I know we've lost a few central players, but we've brought some talent in (not forgetting Takagi in MF and national team Muramatsu in DF).

I dunno, with a more widely experienced manager at the helm I have a feeling it'll all work out. :)

William said...

The thing that worries me the most is the front line, who knows will Takahara will ever bring back his magic with the orange, while Omae is undersize foward and consider still a rookie. Both Higuchi and Sho are new, no one will doubt their talent but they need time to develop, so the front line is one BIG question mark. And consider how many goals we have gave up past season, we need to improve defensive line too.