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Thursday, 6 January 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And Kobayashi Signs

BarryBarry writes:

Something happened on New Year's Day which left me incapable of very much at all, so it's a bit late, but may I wish each and everyone of our readers a very happy new year! All the best for 2011 and thank you for reading!

It's going to be a whole new set up at Nihondaira in 2011, but I have faith in the changes and confidence for the future. There'll be plenty of kachilocos to come next season!


Speaking of changes, today came the official announcement of the capture of Fuji lad, Daigo Kobayashi. Kobayashi, who went to the same high school as Shinji Ono, has been playing in Europe since 2009. He netted 8 times in 29 appearances in the Norwegian Premier League while playing for Stabæk.

Kobayashi joins fellow Shizuoka boys Ono, Takahara, Kaito, Muramatsu, Edamura and Masaki in a team which will have an orange heart and soul reminiscent of the old days where nearly everyone was from Shiz. This is a good thing and something to be proud of. :)


Satellite team coach since 2006, and Kenta's right hand man, Kazuaki Tasaka will be taking over as the manager of 2008's cup nemesis Oita Trinita for the new season. Best of luck to him down south.


William said...

Great addition, we are so packed in the middle. But what worries me the most is the front line, I heard we are expecting to lose Okazaki to oversea, with Johnsen leaving the team as well, whose going to play with Fujimoto next season? May be they will give Sho Ito a shot? What do you think Barry?

Nerdy said...

Kobayashi was real quality at Verdy even though we went down when he was there.Good signing.

Barry said...


By the looks of it, Jungo may be off to Nagoya, so it'll be a totally new front line. If we go with a top two, then Takahara and any out of Sho, Hara or even Nagai if he can force his way back into the team. Then there's also Omae of course. So much depends on how the new manager makes us of the squad, but I do hope to see more of Sho especially.


Good to hear. He seemed to do pretty well in Norway the short time he was there. He gets a few goals by the looks of it, too. Looking forward to seeing him team up with Ono.

TK said...

Barry, apparently one of the English teachers at my school is childhood friends with Kobayashi - might be worth pressing for a meeting! ;o)

Barry said...

Yeah, imagine making friends with one of the players! :-D

That said, wonder if any of the current team read these pages..?