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Saturday, 17 December 2011

S-Pulse 2-0 JEF United (Emp Cup 4th Rnd)

Barry Barry writes

S-Pulse 2-0 JEF United
Brosque 49
Ito 62

Att. 6855

Line Up

GK K. Yamamoto

DF Hiraoka
DF Iwashita
DF Bosnar
DF Jong a Pin (42)

MF Edamura
MF Sugiyama (88)
MF Brosque

FW Takahara
FW Omae 
FW Ito

Subs Used

Ota on for Jong a Pin (HT)
Ito on for Takagi (78)
Takeuchi on for 92


In short, job done, the boys march on - cup 1/4 finals here we come! We'll play Cerezo Saturday 24th on their home ground, which must make them favourites, but we'll be fielding a stronger team than today and will be up for it!

The first half was pretty uninspiring stuff but we picked it up a bit after the break. Brosque made up for a stunning miss not long after the restart by scoring two minutes later, and Sho even got on the score sheet again. That's not to say he had a great game, but goals are good for confidence. Will he start next week, though?

JEF had that air of a team really trying their hardest (without wanting to patronise them) but they just never really threatened. They'd managed to beat Jubilo in the last round, but for all their huff and puff on more than one occasion they showed very poor composure when put under pressure which nearly cost them goals. Had we needed to, I guess we could have stepped up the game and pressed them into more and more mistakes, but it was just never that necessary.

So, anyway, we're through and it's job done so no complaints here. But we can expect a stronger starting 11 and a better performance against Cerezo. It'll be the first J1 opposition we've faced in the cup this year and playing in their own back yard we'll have to raise our game. I hope to see Ljungberg start and Ono is back from injury. There are no other major injury concerns, so we should be able to to field a pretty much full strength team.

Bring it on!
 Good travelling support
 Could NOT agree more :)
 It's a Shizuoka thing


Slow motion of both our goals. Thanks to YouTube user Imoimo9.


shadows said...

Thats Kashima out and Kawasaki Frontale as well!! They lost to Shonan...We have a good chance if we can get past the next round!!

Barry said...

Both two huge scalps! Can't believe they both blew it against J2 opposition, but that's the magic of the cup. Bloody love it. :)

shadows said...

so its Cerezo vs S-pulse @ Nagai next weekend!!hopefully we can win(definitely no more 4-0's) :P

João said...

"all you need is football"

instant right click, save as

"el jugador nº12" - always found these entertaining, the mottos in spanish, italian and portuguese

I won't be able to watch that match against Cerezo, unfortunately. but here's to a win for S-pulse!

Barry said...


Thanks for your comment. :)

We've not had a good record against Cerezo so far this year, but with a full strength team out I think we can do them. Hopefully both Ono and Ljungberg get games this weekend, although if we win the semi is only five days later, so I see the need for squad rotation!

Amir/Iran said...

Hi Barry,

Have you seen these videos?


I always read your blog and twitter and use the information there to let some Iranian fans of Afshin Ghotbi know about Shimizu. Thanks a lot:)

Amir/Iran said...

Although it is in Persian and you couldn't read what we write there, maybe you'd like to see this page:)


Barry said...


Thanks for the post and for reading the blog! I'm glad I can help supporters of Ghotbi keep up to date. Yes, I saw those videos, but they were a little long so I just chose the slow motion one. :)

Thanks for the link, too. You're right, I can't read Persian! :D But I'll check it out.

Amir/Iran said...

Hi Barry,

Could you please explain a little what 2012 Asian Super Challenge Cup is? It seems that Shimizu is supposed to take part in it.


Amir said...

Another question!
Didn't the second goal against Jef United begin by an apparent foul? It seems to me that the referee made a huge mistake

Barry said...


The Asian Super Challenge Cup is a new thing this yea; ie: it's just a kind of made up friendly tournament. It looks like a good chance for S-Pulse to play some competitive games during the off season and spread the brand a little more.

The three other teams are from China, Hong Kong and South Korea, so we should be looking at total victory. ;)

Barry said...

As for that second goal, the defender seemed to run himself into trouble, and when he realised he'd let the ball get away from him he just fell over backwards. Omae (our man on him) didn't seem to impede him at all.

Well played to the ref I say. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry, I Shimizu, Iran has a very pro-Iran Afshin your favorite coach is not always Mykhvnm Mtalbvblagt.

Barry said...

Eeeer, wot?