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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ono to Leave? / Offers for Toyoda and Yoshida

Barry Barry writes


Widely reported this morning was the baffling news that S-Pulse have offered soon-to-be-out-of-contract captain Shinji Ono a one year extension at a FIFTY PERCENT REDUCTION of his current wages.

The man himself said he may well be playing elsewhere next season (who can blame him!?), and this would be an absolute disaster for the team Ghotbi is trying to build.

News as it happens will be reported here.

Toyoda and Yoshida

We have made offers for Sagan Tosu's Yohei Toyoda and relegated Kofu's defender Yutaka Yoshida.

26 year old Toyoda was the J2 top scorer for this season just ended with 23 goals in 38 games. Rather less impressively he has scored just 6 goals in 54 games at J1 level.

21 year old Yoshida is a local lad from down the road in Fujinomiya.


shadows said...

Barry..for a guy who injured way too often in recent past plus considering his age, thats kinda reasonable dont you think?(its 6000-万円 yen which isnt exactly peanuts either :P)

That would also mean we need a creative midfielder other than Freddie!!

Barry said...

I know what you're saying, but he's our captain and the player most others look up to. Maybe we were paying him too much to begin with, but that's not his fault. Cutting someone's salary in half is just outrageous.

We can't reply on any one player, and hopefully next year Daigo Kobayashi will be able to contribute a bit more, but pissing off Ono like this is just crazy imho.

V said...

What a surprise. his proneness to injury, as shadows mentioned, was obviously taken into consideration...

Nonetheless, isn't it really worth it? Having him playing even if half of the matches?

Barry, you mentioned Ghotbi... Foxnews reports him as one of the options to replace Korea's just-fired manager

Barry said...

I saw that too. I can't see him walking away while halfway through his job here though. He's had national team jobs before and he'll get them again.

Fingers crossed though!

shadows said...

Ya saw the Ghotbi news but dont think he's gonna leave S-pa..i guess Choi Kang-hee should get the job considering he just won the ACL and the world loves recent winners :P

Barry said...

Yeah, I'm glad they were so on the ball. Stopped the rumours dead. :)