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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ghotbi Going Nowhere

Barry Barry writes

S-Pulse moved quickly this morning to quash rumours linking the vacant South Korean job with our Ghotbi. Top marks to the club, and of course the man himself, for their speedy action in easing supporters' worries.

Great to know our manager is a man in demand, but he's going nowhere. :)

Press release.


shadows said...

thats one big thing out of the way. I think our priorities should be in getting a decent striker(not the 6 goals in 54 games one :P) plus a midfielder..What do you think Barry?

Barry said...

I still have high hopes for Daigo Kobayashi if he can get back to fitness. I hoped he would be alternate with Ono.

I guess you never know about that striker... Mike Havenaar had a similar crappy record in J1 but then finally did OK this season. Maybe worth a go?

V said...

That's settled then. Are you totally satisfied with his management, by the way, Barry?

I have never watched Kobayashi play..

In regards to the strikers, I can't say I'm a fan of Havenaar's. How is S-Pulse looked upon when it comes to success probability? Cho Young-cheol would surely face S-Pulse as a step up, but would Tanaka (Junya) do as well? Also, finances...

I'm sorry, I'm still a newbie in the J-League

Barry said...


Sorry, looks like I forgot to reply to reply to this. ><

Yes, I am satisfied with the management. I think it's this year has been a massive change on so many sides for S-Pulse.

As for Havenaar, it looks like he's off to Europe. One good season is never enough to really go all in with a player, so I'm not that worried that we never got him.