Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Support Thanks Day / Nagai Released / Hattanda Signed

Barry Barry writes

Ouen Kansha Day (Support Thanks Day)

This Saturday, December 10th between 10am and 2pm will be a chance to meet your heroes down at the Miho training ground. Or rather it's a chance for them to thank YOU for your amazing support over the past league season. Details in Japanese here. Entry is free. Not to be confused with the Supporter Thanks Day which will happen early next year.

Nagai Released

As widely known, and Tweeted sometime ago, it's been officially announced that Nagai will not be getting an new contract at the end of the year. A widely popular figure down Nihondaira way, the last couple of years just haven't worked out as they might have. He's still got a few years left in him though, and we wish him all the best.

Hattanda Signed

S-Pulse have signed Tsukuba University student Kohei Hattanda. The 21 year old midfielder has represented Japan at U17 level and was chosen for the all Japan university selection in 2010.

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