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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Vissel Kobe 1-1 Shimizu S-Pulse

Barry Barry writes:

Vissel Kobe 1-1 Shimizu S-Pulse
Morioka 85 --------------------------- Bosnar 55

Att 12706

Line Up

GK K. Yamamoto

DF Tsujio
DF Iwashita (yellow 80)
DF Bosnar
DF Ota

MF Jong-a-Pin (yellow 77, 77)
MF Ono (yellow 76)
MF Takeuchi

FW Omae
FW Takagi
FW Takahara

Subs Used

Sugiyama on for Takeuchi (53)
Muramatsu on for Takahara (80)
Nabeta on for Ono (91)


Not sure of the circumstances of Jong a Pin's red card, but two yellows in a minute suggests a yellow followed by back chat for the second. That said, you have to factor in that the referee was the notorious Nobutsugu Murakami, the bloke who sent off Kuboto last year without having seen the "offence", so God only knows.

Top scorer Takahara returned after two months on the sidelines, but no Ljungberg today, either starting or on the bench. Expect him back next week when we face a resurgent Kofu who today beat Cerezo 4-0 away, climbing out of the relegation zone at the expense of Urawa who fall to 16th. Can the 2006 champions, who spent most of the next three years booing every opponent instead of cheering on their own team, avoid a second drop to J2? Who knows and who cares. Fuck 'em.

All told, 1-1 away with a man down for the last 15 minutes isn't all bad, but frustrating given we were leading, especially if the red card was contentious. That said, I didn't see the game so I can't comment on incidents or the performance. In fact I'll pass over to fellow S-Pulse blogger Daisuke Matsuura with his post on events in Kobe today, coming straight outta Kansai.

No chance of the league, so the final five games have to be geared towards a top 7 finish and some prize money. Absolutely CRUCIAL is finishing above the scum for a sixth year in a row, and then there's still the Emperor's Cup. If we beat Gainare next month it's a Shiz derby last 16 game in December. Plenty of interest left this season!

Ghotbi Says

Translated back from the Japanese. I'm no translator, so any mistakes are my own.

Both teams were sloppy in the first half. We couldn't play the football we wanted to. We improved in the second half and were able to play own game a little. After we opened the scoring we were could control the game and create more chances. We had an opportunity to get a second, but we let that important chance slip.

Jong a Pin lost his cool when he got the yellow card. He was probably disappointed because it was his fourth yellow so he'll miss the next game. It's his first season in the J. League and is maybe frustrated at the inconsistent level of refereeing. Maybe there's a different standard for foreign and Japanese players...

Couldn't agree more. Just ask Bosnar.


OK - finally got to see Jong a Pin's red. Moments before, the 168cm Popo clatters the big man from behind knocking him over, which is no mean feat. It went unpenalised but a no less clumsy challenge from Jong a Pin brought out a quick yellow, and another for bouncing the ball away in frustration. The second was just gratuitous and a stupid, game changing decision by a bad referee who lost his cool. Jong a Pin later apologised to the fans and team, but presumably not to the clown in black.


Yujiro said...

Baaad referee(怒)

William said...

You are funny Barry............Can the 2006 champions, who spent most of the next three years booing every opponent instead of cheering on their own team, avoid a second drop to J2? Who knows and who cares. FUCK 'EM." I actually laugh so hard on this one

Amir said...

Hi, I'm an Iranian's supporter of Afshin Ghotbi, so I've read everthing I'v found about Shimizu this year. Fortunately, I just found the weblog and read many of your posts about Shimizu. Your blog seems so wonderfull to me.
Could you please tell me about Ghotbi in Shimizu? Do Shimizu fans satisfy with his performace or not? Will he Shimizu's coach next season or not?
Thanks a lot

Barry said...


Yes, yes and yes.


Haha - I'm glad to hear it. :) I guess the whole of J1 wants Urawa to go down, and the reason is the way their fans acted around 2007-2009. Ironically, that's a a lot of the reason they're in such a mess now. :)


Thanks for your comment and welcome to the blog. :) Ghotbi took over a club which lost over half the starting members and most of the coaching staff at the end of 2010, but he's been slowly putting his own team together.

He's got the support of the fans and most are happy with the way things are developing. There have been some downs as well as ups, and we are far from the finished product, but the recent game with Nagoya was a good example of how we can play.

Ghotbi will be manager next year, and if was up to me, the year after that. He's made some good signings and we may be able to challenge next season with maybe one or two more additions to the team.

As for the man himself, I know he's been frustrated with the standard of refereeing over here and doesn't mind saying so, but he seems to be enjoying his job, and long may he stay. I think we did well to get him.

Amir said...

Thanks very much for the information. To be honest, what you said made me so happy. Thank you and all the people there for supporting Afshin!
By the way, I translated your comment into Persian and let readers of my facebook page about Ghotbi and Shimizu know what is happening in Japan and Shimizu now.
We all are so happy about Ghotbi and Shimizu:)

Barry said...


No worries! :) In the last few months, especially after Ghotbi could make some signings, we've been looking better and better. Of course, things change quickly in football, but right now most people are very happy with our progress.

Please keep reading the blog for S-Pulse news. :)