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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Jubilo Iwata Supporters in Terrorist Slur Towards Afshin Ghotbi

BarryBarry writes:

You know one of the many things I like about the J. League? The ability to have a good, healthy rivalry between teams without the off field problems or political tensions of certain showdowns around the world.

Well, take a bow Jubilo Iwata supporters. Some of your ranks succeeded in dragging this year's Shizuoka Derby into the gutter with a truly foul display of racist stereotyping.

"Ghotbi, stop making nuclear weapons!"

Afshin Ghotbi was born in Iran and moved to America as a child. Not that any of this should have anything to do with anything, of course. To most people in Nihondaira today it didn't. But a small group of Iwata supports clearly though it such an issue to spend the time effort and money to make the above banner.

Think for a moment how this looks to the world. A man of Iranian heritage comes to Japan to work, and within months is labelled on national TV as a terrorist. Nobody thinks for a minute that those Jubilo fans actually believe that, but to be making such displays of race discrimination so freely and without any shame is simply abhorrent.

The banner sparked a near riot as large numbers of the S-Pulse supports were so incensed as to run the entire length of the stadium to confront and demand the flag. To my mind they were 100% justified in their actions and deserve applause for not letting this pass without words.

The banner incited violent confrontations

The livid home fans didn't leave the away end for half an hour. I hear the Iwata supporters responsible were apprehended. They deserve to be banned from J. League stadiums for life for bringing shame to one of the oldest derby fixtures in the J. League, and inciting angry brawls that endangered women and children in the crowd. Punches were thrown, flags torn down and a whole lot of pushing and shoving. It may not sound much, but this is virtually unheard of in Japan, and just the type of thing that can turn hundreds of people off the game.

Incensed S-Pulse fans refused to leave the away end

Above and beyond this, what of Afshin Ghotbi himself? He comes to Japan to manage S-Pulse and gets vile racist abuse. Poor fella. What a welcome to the country. The message to the world today, for it is all over Twitter, is "Japan racially stereotypes with no shame." The J. League needs to come down on those responsible like a ton of bricks to show that this won't be tolerated.

One S-Pulse fan who joined the angry mob told me "It can't be allowed. It had to be challenged." One Jubilo supporter told me "It's fucking stupid." Yep, it is. It's foul and left a bad taste in the mouth. It's time for the J. League to act, and act swiftly.

Ghotbi - I'm so very, very sorry you had to see that. Please don't take these wannabe hooligans' words to heart. Most people in Japan are decent folk who won't let this type of thing go unchallenged. You saw how our fans defended your honour - and that is the majority of this country.

Sunday May 29th Update:

Those responsible have been identified on YouTube.

Jubilo have issued a full unreserved apology to Afshin Ghotbi, S-Pulse supporters, everyone at the game, and everyone who loves the game of football.

Two males in their teens were detained after the game and interviewed by the police and match commissioner. The J. League are waiting on the official report.

S-Pulse new boy and former Jubilo striker Takahara was reported as expressing his disappointment with Iwata's fans.


The moment the flag was unveiled.

The shit immediately hitting the fan.

Oh, yeah - the game ended 0-0.


Masakuni said...


William said...

No class at all!!!!!!!!! I am furious. Another reason to hate the little Jubilo :)

Yujiro said...

As a person.. I don't know how to apologize to you Ghotbi. An accepted fact, we haven't finished exterminating such a scum-blue club from J-League yet. I'm awfully sorry.

Jay said...

So now we know who's been making all those nukes. I'm surprised he has time to manage a football team!
No class, Jubilo.