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Friday, 6 May 2011

Nagoya v S-Pulse

BarryBarry writes:

OK, so I've already buckled and broken from my promise to myself of Only New Grounds this season. I'm perversely looking forward to sitting in the rain in the oldest ground in the league in a game few would give us much hope of winning. You don't need me to tell you though, that's what football is all about.

But I do also plan to drop by Toyota City and check out the stunning Toyota Stadium. Sadly we get Mizuho tomorrow with it's running track and lack of cover, but hopefully next season we'll be one of the handful of games at the beautiful new ground. We'd certainly do our part and fill our end, so come of Nags, do the right thing in 2012. :)

Expect a match report sometime Sunday afternoon on account of me being knackered / pissed off / drunk / rowing with the other half about how much I spend on football on Saturday. It's bound to be one of the four. :D