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Friday, 27 May 2011


BarryBarry writes:

On the off chance that Mr Ghotbi should click on through our humble pages this evening, a plea.

The Shizuoka Derby may not rank up there on the world stage with Barca vs Real, or Boca Juniors vs River Plate, but believe me when I say it matters.

This game has sold out the last three years and would have done tomorrow but for the weather. Don't mistake those empty seats for lack of interest. The 14000 S-Pulse maniacs (and 50 or so jubilo goons) will be making up for the empty seats with everything they have to help their team claim bragging rights until September.

This is what happened in 2009:

This Derby Day is huge in Shizuoka, and we want the win - we want it bad! We've not lost at home to the KitKat flag waving yokels since 2003, and we do want to regain old habits tomorrow. Come on S-Pulse, for Shimizu, for Shizuoka, and for all that is good and right in Japanese football - beat the scummers!!!!

Some KitKat fans

How you support a team without waving huge chocolate bar adverts around:



Nerdy said...

Kit Kats.....mmmmm! The four bar ones with foil wrappers. Used to love em. I like Jubilo as they were kind enough to let us win the Emperors Cup a few years back. Kit Kats and generosity very nice. Good luck today!!

Barry said...

They're not the same without the foil wrappers, that's for sure. Off to Nihondaira now in the rain. Lovely stuff. :)