Sunday, 1 May 2011

Mike Havenaar Racially Abused by Kashiwa Fans

BarryBarry writes:

Disappointing news emerged from Chiba this Golden Week weekend as Kashiwa Reysol fans dragged the good name of the J. League through the mud.

It's being reported that the Japanese striker of Dutch parentage Mike Havenaar was subjected to various abuse, including kuso hakujin (lit: shit whiteman) during Kofu's match in Kashiwa on Friday. It might not sound much, but can be equated to someone shouting fucking Jap.

Who knows if Bosnar and Brosque were given the same abuse in March? Unlike Havenaar, neither were born and raised in Japan, so may not have picked up on it as the Kofu forward would have.

Either way, way to go Kashiwa fans; dragging Japanese football into the dark ages. The incident is being investigated by the J. League.

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Fuz said...

Reysol fans. Attack lone supporters, racially abuse other players... not looking good is it?