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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

S-Pulse Fixtures for 2010

BarryBarry writes:
2010 Pre-Season Fixtures
2010 J. League Fixtures
2010 Nabisco Cup Fixtures
2010 Emperor's Cup Fixtures

Oh, yes! The 2010 J. League fixtures were released today, so here they are for your viewing pleasure. With over a month still to go before the big kick off, there's plenty of time to get planning your away days. Topping my list of must-hit stadiums are both C and G Osaka, Yamagata, Sendai and Niigata. Thankfully those games are all spread out over the year, so I might just be able to do it if can I save enough pennies.

Right after the World Cup break comes the biggest game of the season, the home derby, which is set for a balmy summer night on July 17th, kick off 6.30pm. August 22nd, the one year anniversary of the biggest Shizuoka Derby victory in history, will give us an chance to repeat the feat when we head off to Ecopa for the return match with Iwata. We end the season at home to Emperor's Cup winners Gamba Osaka. Don't know about you, but I can't wait to get back into the football groove!

Kick off times are only confirmed up to match 21, and all home games are at Nihondaira unless otherwise stated. So without further ado:

Practice Matches
1) February 6th (Sat) S-Pulse 2-1 Tochigi

Kagoshima Camp

1) February 10th (Wed) S-Pulse 6-0 Roasso Kumamoto (Two game aggregate)
2) February 13th (Sat) S-Pulse 4-2 Ventforet Kofu (Two game aggregate)
3) February 16th (Wed) S-Pulse 2-2 Kyoto Sanga (Two game aggregate)

Pre-Season Friendly

1) February 28th (Sun) S-Pulse 2-0 Niigata 1.30pm report

2010 J. League Fixtures

1) March 6th (Sat) Hiroshima 1-1 S-Pulse 2pm report
2) March 13th (Sat) S-Pulse 3-0 Yamagata 2pm report
3) March 20th (Sat) S-Pulse 1-0 Kobe 1pm report
4) March 27th (Sat) Kawasaki 0-0 S-Pulse 1pm report
5) April 3rd (Sat) Yokohama FM 1-2 S-Pulse 3pm report
6) April 11th (Sun) S-Pulse 5-1 Sendai 1pm report
7) April 17th (Sat) G. Osaka 1-1 S-Pulse 2pm report
8) April 24th (Sat) S-Pulse 2-1 Omiya 1pm report
9) May 1st (Sat) S-Pulse 2-1 Urawa 4pm @ Ecopa report
10) May 5th (Wed) Kyoto 2-4 S-Pulse 1pm report
11) May 8th (Sat) S-Pulse 0-2 Niigata 3pm report
12) May 15th (Sat) FC Tokyo 2-2 S-Pulse 2pm report 1, report 2

World Cup Break

July 17th (Sat) S-Pulse 0-0 Iwata 6.30pm report
14) July 24th (Sat) Nagoya 3-3 S-Pulse 7pm report
15) July 27th (Tue) S-Pulse 3-2 C. Osaka 7pm report
16) August 1st (Sun) Shonan 3-6 S-Pulse 7pm report
17) August 7th (Sat) S-Pulse 2-1 Kashima 6.30pm report
18) August 14th (Sat) S-Pulse 1-2 Yokohama FM 6.30pm report
19) August 17th (Tue) Niigata 4-1 S-Pulse 7pm report
20) August 22nd (Sun) Iwata 2-1 S-Pulse 6pm report
21) August 29th (Sun) S-Pulse 2-0 Kawasaki 6.30pm report
22) September 11th (Sat) Omiya 3-0 S-Pulse 3.00pm report
23) September 18th (Sat) Urawa 1-1 S-Pulse 4.00pm report
24) September 25th (Sat) S-Pulse 1-5 Nagoya 3.00pm report
25) October 2nd (Sat) Kashima 1-1 S-Pulse 5.00pm report
26) October 16th (Sat) S-Pulse 1-1 Kyoto 7.00pm report
27) October 23rd (Sat) Yamagata 0-3 S-Pulse 3.00pm report
28) October 30th (Sat) S-Pulse 1-2 FC Tokyo 1.00pm report
29) November 6th (Sat) C. Osaka 1-0 S-Pulse 2.00pm report
30) November 14th (Sun) S-Pulse 5-0 Shonan 2.00pm report
31) November 20th (Sat) Sendai 1-3 S-Pulse 2.00pm report
32) November 23rd (Wed) S-Pulse 2-1 Hiroshima 2.00pm report
33) November 27th (Sat) Kobe 1-0 S-Pulse 2.00pm report
34) December 4th (Sat) S-Pulse 0-3 G. Osaka 3.30pm report

Final 2010 J1 Table

1. Nagoya 72 (+17) (C)
2. G. Osaka 62 (+21) (ACL)
3. C. Osaka 61 (+26) (ACL)
4. Kashima 60 (+20)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Kawasaki 54 (+14)
6. S-PULSE 54 (+11)
7. Hiroshima 51 (+7)
8. Yokohama FM 51 (+4)
9. Niigata 49 (+3)
10. Urawa 48 (+7)
11. iwata 44 (-11)
12. Omiya 42 (-6)
13. Yamagata 42 (-13)
14. Sendai 39 (-6)
15. Kobe 38 (-8)
16. FC Tokyo 36 (-5) (R)
17. Kyoto 19 (-30) (R)
18. Shonan 16 (-51) (R)

2010 J. League Nabisco Cup Fixtures

Group Stage

1) March 31st (Wed) S-Pulse 2-0 Shonan 7pm report
2) April 14th (Wed) Yamagata 0-0 S-Pulse 7.30pm report
3) May 22nd (Sat) S-Pulse 0-0 Yokohama FM 3pm report
4) May 26th (Wed) Kobe 3-1 S-Pulse 7pm report
5) May 30th (Sun) Urawa 0-1 S-Pulse 3pm report
6) June 6th (Sun) S-Pulse 2-0 Iwata 1pm report
7) June 9th No Game

1/4 Final

1) Sept 1st (Wed) FC Tokyo 1-1 S-Pulse report
2) Sept 8th (Wed) S-Pulse 0-0 FC Tokyo report

S-Pulse win on away goals.

1/2 Final

1) Sept 29th (Wed) Hiroshima 2-1 S-Pulse report
2) Oct 10th (Sun) S-Pulse 1-1 Hiroshima report

Hiroshima win 3-2.

2010 Emperor's Cup Fixtures

2nd Rnd) Sep 5th (Sun) S-Pulse 2-0 Honda FC report
3rd Rnd) Oct 13th (Wed) S-Pulse 4-1 Mito Hollyhock report
4th Rnd) Nov 17th (Wed)Yokohama F. Marinos 0-3 S-Pulse report
1/4 Final) Dec 25th (Sat) S-Pulse 1-1 Montedio Yamagata (AET S-Pulse win 5-4 on pens) report
1/2 Final) Dec 29th (Wed) S-Pulse 3-0 Gamba Osaka report
Final) Jan 1st (Sat) Kashima Antlers 2-1 S-Pulse report


G4Z said...

Hi Barry, excellent blog for peope getting in to J League / S Pulse. Will be keeping an eye on S Pulse this year and hopefully catch a game in 2011 when we are over in Japan. Have you ever thought about starting up an English forum for S Pulse or is there one already in existence. Check out my blog and feel free to comment on anything as I have started planning a trip to Japan among other things. Cheers

G4Z said...

blog link...


Barry said...

Hi G4Z,

Thanks for the post. I'm happy to hear the blog is inspiring S-Pulse fans around the world! :)

There are a couple of general English language message boards for the J. League:

( http://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=1441 )

I've not set up an S-Pulse one, but it might be worth a go to see if it's popular or not.

Nice blog, btw! Good luck with your planning, and it you have any questions Shizuoka / Football / S-Pulse related feel free to ask here! A trip to Japan wouldn't be complete with a visit to Nihondaira. :)

G4Z said...

Hi Barry,

looks like we will be in Japan - April 2011. Please can you make sure S Pulse are playing at home on Saturday 23 April 2011 so we can make it over!!! ;)

Barry said...

I'll have a word with the J. League and see what I can do. ;)

There should definitely be a game that weekend, fingers crossed it's at home!