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Saturday, 15 May 2010


FuzFuz writes:

Right, I know Barry will give you all a full report full of facts and figures and all the goings -on as he actually went to the game, but seeing as I actually managed to watch most of today's game due to a well timed nap and some solo playing by the wee one (a rare event in itself) I wanted to actually contribute to the blog for a change.

I really enjoyed the vast majority of today's game. Right up until the 40th minute, to be exact. I thought in the first 15 minutes or so Tokyo looked to be the better team but then we picked it up and got going with a beautiful Ono free kick that Hiraoka knocked in. Nishibe pulled off more than one great save, and towards the end I thought we had it in the bag. Our second half goal was another beauty courtesy of Jungo, and another free kick due to Oka-chan getting kicked in the face. 2-0! We are the people! Orange Soldiers! AND Nishibe was literally on the ball. Oh happy days! Then Tokyo got a goal, and I had a sinking feeling in my stomach as soon as they got possession again and charged down the pitch. I knew it was going in, and alas, I was right.

Basically, I'm gutted. Should've been three points. We didn't lose, but I feel almost as though we did.

I'll say this though, Nishibe did have some bloody good saves. It could have been so much worse.

And now my computer time is up, as the bouncy baby wants played with, and frankly, I need something to take my mind off the result.



William said...

I watched this game as well, real disappointment. FC Tokyo though, they deserve that point, in fact, they play surprisingly well, their tight defense force our boys so much error in the mid-field. They also have so decent scoring chances. And yes, after Tokyo FC score a goal I know we are in trouble. Nevertheless, great game, hopefully the other top team will settle with ties.