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Monday, 24 May 2010

Baby's First Game

FuzFuz writes:

So, finally, at the ripe old age of 6 months and 8 days, the youngest member of the UK Ultras made her Nihondaira debut.

Happy to be at the 'Daira

It was only a nil-nil draw in the end, but it was good to introduce Aisha to the footie and check that she is happy in the enivronment before next month's derby (cos if she wasn't, she was going to be left with Daddy for two hours!). As expected, she was fine, as any daughter of mine would be. The Orange is pulsing through her veins, and it can't be helped.

Laughing about Jubilo with her fellow supporters

Ah-chan settled down at Nihondaira very quickly, and despite a wobbly start where she looked like she might cry, she opted to have a snooze for the duration of the first half. To be fair, she didn't really miss very much and it let me watch the game, which was more than I was honestly expecting to be able to do. Half time came and she woke up to play with everyone and spent the second half awake, half watching the game and half trying to eat the orange banners that were on either side of us. Hey ho, at least she has good taste. By the end of the match, she was in her daddy's arms dancing along with the rest of us. Mission complete.

modeling the very best in Baby Fashion

Next stop: S-Pa vs Jubilo on the 6th of June. We can't wait.


Barry said...


Was great to have you back at the Daira, and even better that you could make it with Hiro and Ahchan in tow.

She's a natural, clearly. :)

Roll on June 6th.