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Monday, 31 May 2010

Japan 1 - 2 England

Fuz Fuz writes:

When you're a Brit living in Japan and a game like this arrives, the question is who to support. Here at UK Ultras HQ we're a bit divided on this, and it depends on which part of the UK we're from. Basically, the English lot support England, the Japanese lot support Japan, and I, as a Scot, follow my world cup plan of supporting Japan and whoever England happen to be playing. As Scotland have once again failed to qualify, you can bet that I'm not the only person doing so.

Anyway, pregame I really wanted Japan to win but had a sinking feeling that we would get humped three or four nil. Much as I hate to admit it, but England are actually quite good. Or so I thought...

I'd say we were robbed, but it was more like handing England a big present with a huge ribbon on top. Going ahead early in the first half the hubby and I thought it was too good to be true and sat holding our breath for the response.... which failed to materialize. Half time came, England were lacklustre and Japan were looking quite good. Kawashima was bloody AMAZING last night. He saved quite a few good on target shots with magnificent moves, and even saved a penalty after a silly handball by Endo defending a free kick. Honestly, when the free kick was awarded we cringed; and then when it became a penalty the Fuz household sank into gloomy dread, only to be whipped out of it by a fantastic Kawashima save. Excellent!

And then disaster struck.

Tulio, not a favourite of the UK Ultras at the best of times (indeed, I had cheekily emailed Barry asking how he would feel if Oka-chan scored seconds before Tulio did, and the reply was along the lines of "I'd prefer it to Tulio" but not so polite), quite giftedly headed the ball into his own goal. What a spanner. All is not lost we thought, Japan might get it back. Kawashima continued to be great. Morimoto had a great chance... and then the ball deflected of Nakazawa. A second own goal, and we gifted the game to England.

I'm pretty gutted to be honest, and although I''m sure Barry was happy with a win, there can't be a lot of pride for England in that victory.

Makes me feel better about Scotland getting beat by Japan last November though!


G4Z said...

Hi Barry,

Good to see S Pulse at the top of the J League and thanks for the youtube clips / links for the season so far.

Would you mind just having a quick read of my latest post? We're in to the realms of booking tickets for next Aprils flights and I'm presented with a few options. Any info that you (or any other S Pulse readers) could give would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks again.