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Sunday, 11 April 2010

S-Pulse 5-1 Sendai

BarryBarry writes:

清水エスパルス 5対1 ベガルタ仙台

S-Pulse 5-1 Sendai
Johnsen 24 --------------- Nakahara 89
Honda 45
Hiraoka 60
Fujimoto 63
Nagai 79

Att. 17522

Line Up

GK Nishibe

DF Tsujio
DF Hiraoka (yellow 22)
DF Bosnar
DF Arata

MF Hyodo
MF Honda
MF Ono

FW Okazaki
FW Johnsen
FW Fujimoto

Subs used

Nagai on for Okazaki (71)
Omae on for Johnsen (76)
Ito on for Ono (84)


It's all about taking your chances. The first half wasn't a walk in the park by any means, and neither really was the second. That was until Jungo smashed home Hyodo's rebounded shot to make it three nil. Up till that point the game was pretty evenly balanced, with Sendai creating as many chances as ourselves. But that was the difference today - putting those opportunities in the back of the net.

I'll always have a soft spot for Sendai

Sendai's excellent travelling support, gracious in defeat, probably felt much the same way. Their one consolation goal at the death was probably earned over the 90 minutes in terms of efforts, but we gave a ruthless finishing display today putting away nearly all our clear cut chances.

Johnsen's opener, the big man's first of the season, got things rolling, and Honda's strike just before the break was top draw. On a mazy run into the heart of the Sendai half, he exchanged not one but two lightening one-two plays before despatching the ball past the keeper.

Nagai showed his class today

The goal which pretty much ended Sendai's resistance came on the hour mark, and we have Fujimoto to thank for his razor sharp reactions. Hyodo's thundering shot came back off the post and Jungo was alert and fast enough to beat the defender to it. Three nil, and Hiraoka made it four three minutes later from a corner, and that was pretty much that. There was still two more goals to come, though, ours from sub Nagai who chased and beat a retreating defender before smashing the ball into the corner in a strike of pure quality. Sadly we let in a sloppy goal at the end, but fair play to Vegalta, at 5-0 down they were still having a go.

Ono was instrumental again

So not much to complain about today. We're still without Iwashita, Edamura and Aoyama through injuries, so to continue to maintain such a good start to the season is hugely encouraging. I've said it before, but the influence of Ono cannot be understated. He's different class, and the more I see of him the happier I am he came home to Shizuoka.

As for Sendai, for a newly promoted team they're not a bad side, but it's fairly safe to say their J1 honeymoon is over. They're a likeable club with a very good support, but some of their players spent more time chewing the ref's ear than anything else. I think they succeeded in annoying pretty much everyone inside Nihondaira (quite possibly including their own fans).

Case in point: Fernandinho. He wouldn't make our starting 11 these days, but he won a lot of fans in his spell with us a couple of years back. It was a while ago, but I'm pretty sure he never used to harangue the ref at every decision. He was lucky not to talk his way into the book today as he bitched and moaned constantly, at one point demanding the ref card one of our players.

But apart from that, no complaints, just aching legs and a sore throat. Gamba Osaka away on Saturday will be a tough game seeing as they've just had their first win of the season, but avoiding defeat there and a win next week at home to Omiya should see us remain in the upper reaches of the table. Yeah, we're top, but it's early, early days.

Right, I'm off to bed to dream of GOALS. :)


Full highlights to come as and when, but till then, here's our goals, starting with Johnsen. All come from YouTube user ssnnddttyy's personal cam.




Nagai. He didn't manage to catch this one, so it's a partial view of the big screen highlights. Not perfect, but better than nothing!

And this week's bonus vid:

Yes, it is as fun as it looks. :)


William said...

5-1??? Sweet..... too bad we can't win 5-0, can't complain about it though.

Falc said...

14p after 6 weeks and only 3 goals conceded. SP is doing a great work.

BTW, I received the book and it's very nice. :D

Barry said...


Yeah, everyone was saying the same at full time! A shame we couldn't concentrate till the end and shut the game right down, but I think we can forgive the players at 5-0 up on 89 minutes for taking their feet off the gas. :)


I'm glad to hear that! I know there's a lot of pictures of people you've never met, but that's just us doing our thing. :) Glad you like it.

richy said...

Hey Guys,
Gifu were playing away in Fukuoka so I managed to get up to Nihondaira for the first time to watch you guys paste my other team Sendai last week.
Great weather, and a great stadium was all good.
I agree with what you said about it all.
Even though you caned us, Sendai still kept trying and got that bonus goal in the end. I took my girlfriend to her first footy game, and she had a good time, even after the final score, so if she enjoyed it and still supports Sendai (shes from Aichi), then it must have been an entertaining game right??!
Shimizu's second goal was a cracker, right in front of us, not much Sendai could do about that really!
Too much power up front from Shimizu, not much from us.

Fernandinho, although playing pretty decent recently, must have been intimidated by the booing he got every time he touched the ball. He was the whiner up front while Takahara liked to roll around on the field a bit. Not really that cool to see as a supporter, but I guess the team wants to try and get whatever it can from the ref, and relegation threatened teams seem to pull this kind of bollocks often, be it out of stress, frustration, or probably more likely - just being outclassed.

Ah well, it was a great game anyway.

My only regret is that I forgot to get hold of you guys before the game so that we could have hooked up for a "kampai" before or after the game!
Have to save it for next year in the J1 (fingers crossed!)