Saturday, 30 October 2010

S-Pulse 1-2 FC Tokyo

BarryBarry writes:

S-Pulse 1-2 FC Tokyo
Omae 78---------------------Hirayama 32
----------------------------------Oguro 65

Att. 7117

Line Up

GK Nishibe

DF Ichikawa
DF Hiroi
DF Iwashita
DF Ota

MF Hyodo (yellow 64)
MF Honda (yellow 88)

FW Edamura
FW Johnsen
FW Fujimoto

Subs Used

Nagai on for Johnsen (56)
Okazaki on for Ono (66)
Omae on for Edamura (77)


It's enough to make you cry. Another awful result against piss poor opposition, and our league season is as good as over. It wouldn't be quite so bad if all the teams around hadn't dropped points too. Had we not capitulated against Kyoto and won today we'd now be 2nd. Just goes to show that that something we're missing (and have been for the last few years) is all the difference between another 6th or so placed finish and actually accomplishing something.
It pissed down all game
At least now we can enjoy the rest of the year without worrying about making an ACL position. Away in Sendai should be a lot of fun. Sightseeing, booze up, maybe even a snowball fight. All without the stress of the result mattering. :wrysmile:


One small cause of mirth was Tokyo's third goal being missed by the officials. The ball clearly crossed the line after Nishibe produced another classic from his seemingly bottomless bag of howlers.

Not that it changed anything in the long run, but having stood in the pissing rain for 85 minutes, it was nice to get a break.

Full highlights:

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