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Sunday, 5 December 2010

S-Pulse 0-3 Gamba Osaka

BarryBarry writes:

S-Pulse 0-3 Gamba Osaka
--------------------------------- Lucas 13
--------------------------------- Takei 45(+3)
--------------------------------- Sasaki 86

Att. 19088

Line Up

To come.


Distasteful image of the day? Gamba Osaka players cavorting along the sideline, their fans waving their arms around in a perfectly choreographed victory dance, all while Nishibe is stretchered off to a waiting ambulance. The mindless group mentality and lack of compassion or concern as an obviously hurt player lay motionless was quite the chilling image. It's not one I hope to witness again. Personally, it left quite an impression and the fear for our keeper's health overshadowed most the remainder of the game.

As for the match, we were beaten by the better team, plain and simple. Kenta's reign is coming to an end, and the new era of Ghotbi and Kiyama is, to my mind, a pretty exciting prospect. Yes, we're letting some old faces go, but as part of the mission to turn us from also-rans into a genuinely competitive outfit, I'm behind the club's efforts 100%.

End of season ceremony

Of those leaving, Teru didn't get on, Ichikawa was very average, and Aoyama also never made it on. Nishibe, as mentioned, was stretchered off early on after a bone crunching collision with Arata. We finished the season in 6th, actually better than last year, but with the distinct impression of going nowhere. We still have every chance in the cup, and who knows? Maybe Kenta will go out with a final blaze of glory. Three weeks off until the quarter final is probably just what everyone needs.

On the bright side, if you think your teams has problems, it could be worse. FC Tokyo lost away to relegated Kyoto while Kobe leapfrogged them to safety with a 4-0 away thrashing of Urawa. After Urawa fans upset some thin-skinned Tokyo supporters with a banner congratulating them on the 2011 Tokyo Derby being in J2, ironically it was Urawa's own burgeoning shiteness which was the deciding factor in ending Tokyo's 10 year spell in the top flight. As the 4th best supported team in J1, their demotion is certainly the biggest news this weekend.


Why you'd bother watching, I don't know, but here you go anyway.


William said...

This team need to learn how to win a title, and big games. Saying winning a title, not necessary the league title. Can be a Yamazaki Nabisco Cup, Emperor Cup........or even ACL 出場権確保, league best scorer, just win something! Yes, on the league standing, we are better then the Jubilo, but if you look at the franchise history, Jubilo won much more titles then S-Pulse, no matter is team titles or individual awards. I can't even recall when is the last time for S-Pulse to win something. And learn to win big games!!!!!! In the last few years, this team is battling with consistency all years long. Stop losing to shitting team at any team, this is not what a strong team should be.

The Surge said...

Who has 4 league titles? Who has two Emperor's Cups, including one won as a double with the second division (the HONEST way to get into the first division)? Who has one Asian Cup? Who has a town that does not merge with a larger city? The answer is JÚBILO you orange, franchise scum!

Barry said...

In nearly three years, the first ever post from a zubilo fan! God knows I've been baiting them long enough. Good to have one finally bite. Who knew there still any out there, though? A 33% drop in gates in just five years? Ouch.

Who has four league titles? Not jubilo. Who has two Emperor's Cups? Not jubilo. Why are you including titles won by Yamaha FC before the J. League started?

Who is a franchise? Not S-Pulse. jubilo are the bankrolled ex-company team. What city is the result of two towns and two villages merging? iwata. (Although, really, what the hell has the history of a city got to do with anything? You big weirdo.)

You're not doing yourself any favours with your nonsensical, inaccurate ranting. Try again when you have half a clue. :)

Fuz said...

Who would we all love to be relegated to J2? Think we all know the answer to that!