Thursday, 9 December 2010

Nishibe's Injury / Aoyama to YFM / Takahara? / Mystic Meg

BarryBarry writes:

Nishibe is out for four weeks following his horrific collision last weekend. Should we make it through, will he be back in time for the cup final on New Year's Day? What am I, Mystic Meg?

Aoyama has signed for Yokohama F. Marinos.

Ex-scum striker Takahara is rumoured to be on the S-Pulse Christmas shopping list. Shizuoka lad born and bred, and Shimizu educated, it was always such a waste he got tempted to the dark side as a youth. We've all done things we regret. Will he find salvation in a bright orange t-shirt? Would certainly put some extra bums on seats and flog a few scarves.


TK said...

Might put some bums on seats but I have my doubts if he could raise them out again with any goals - he looked a shadow of his former self with Reds a year and a bit ago... :o(

Barry said...

True that, but he made a mistake going to Urawa in the first place. The club was in a mess with all kinds of background turmoil and over-expectations from supporters.

He looks to be doing a bit better in Korea, and in the nice relaxed setting that is the Miho training ground, who's to say he might not rediscover some of the form he so foolishly wasted winning things for shitbilo?

Worth a punt, I'd say.