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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Toshiyuki Takagi signs from Verdy / Okazaki's nose

BarryBarry writes:

19 year old Toshiyuki Takagi has signed from Tokyo Verdy. The teenage midfielder has represented Japan at Under 18 and Under 19 level and bagged 6 goals in 25 games for Verdy this season.

Welcome aboard the mighty Orange machine!


Okazaki, who is rumoured to be off to Germany, has broken his nose in training. However, he'll be fit for the cup 1/4 final with Yamagata next week.


Nerdy said...


Barry said...

We'll take good care of him! :D

I'll be honest, I'd not heard of him before this evening, but his stats are pretty impressive. How do you reckon he'll do in J1?

Nerdy said...

He`s one for the future at the moment, still pretty raw, but undoubtedly talented. Tries to do it all by himself at times but this can only bode well. I hope he can do the business but it`s a step up to what he`s used to. He ripped up J2 defences on ocassion with some SPECTACULAR goals but I actually thought his younger brother was more like the finished article. I imagine S-Pulse have bought him for his potential rather than going straight in as No.1 first choice. He`s was injured for the tail end of the season but I was well looking forward to seeing more of him next season.

Barry said...

Thanks for the info. He sounds like a decent prospect. Yeah, our midfield is already pretty settled with Hyodo, Ono, Honda and possibly Yamamoto ahead of him, so I don't expect to see him starting anytime soon, but that said, I'm used to the rigid hierarchy employed by the departing Hasegawa. Who knows what our new boss has Ghot(bi) up his sleeve?