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Friday, 17 December 2010

Teru and Ichikawa to Kofu / Edamura to Stay

BarryBarry writes:

Teru and Ichikawa, released at the end of the season, are both ensured of top flight football next year. Each look set to be signing for newly promoted Kofu. This is both a great acquisition for Kofu, and good news for the pair's many fans at Nihondaira who won't have to go far to see them next term.

I'm going to go on record now and say that our away fixture in Yamanashi next season will sell out, and Kofu will avoid pulling a Shonan and stay up without too much difficulty. If I'm wrong I'll just come back and amend this posting in a year's time.


Edamura's future was the subject of some speculation recently, but that seems to be at an end today with word apparently out that he's staying.


Ben said...

Barry, what did u make of Bosnar's season. he seemed to slip out of the first-team as the season wore on. was that injury? or form?

Barry said...

I thought he had a good year, all told. As for his lack of starts in the latter half, that was more down, to my mind, to the manager's rigid selection policy more than anything else.

He was out through injury for a little bit, but Hasegawa steadfastly stuck with the younger, less physical home grown players who had deputised in his absence.

If you ask me, that was a mistake, as Bosnar was doing a great job in his first year with us. Our new boss next year will hopefully see that and he'll be a regular starter again.