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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

We've got the best fans in the league!

Not my words, but those of a totally unrelated Oita Trinita supporter. As spied on the World Soccer News Message Board this week, User Oitim confirmed what S-Pa fans the world over already knew, (admittedly what all supporters believe of their team's fans), and that's that S-Pulse are proud owners of the best fans in the J. League! Not only that, it was quickly corroborated by another J. League match-goer:

Cheers, chaps - good to know all our efforts are appreciated! In seriousness, I've always been impressed with the devotion shown by so many S-Pa fans. The efforts they go to when it comes to maintaining a cracking atmosphere down at The 'Daira can't be understated. For example, The One Person One Flag Project which has voluntarily worked to produce hundreds of orange flags to be distributed at games. Coupled with the huge number of other individually produced flags, it produces a wall of colour - especially effective when on the road as at the Yamaha earlier this season.
The OPOF Project is but one of many similar fan-led initiatives; another being the band which plays non-stop, from start to finish, and never missus a game, home or away. The point of the thread I quoted from earlier was the tendency of certain fans to expend the majority of their energies on booing their opposition, seemingly supporting their own team in the gaps. I'm glad down at The 'Daira we've got such a positive, passionate, hard-working and imaginative group of supporters, and I'm made up that other fans are coming out saying we're among the best in the league! I also know for a fact we're attracted new fans from around the country simply because of our colourful support.

This blog's been rather doomy and gloomy of late. Nabisco Cup aside, this year has been a total wash out. The growing group calling for an end to Kenta's reign is creating a split in opinions on the terraces, but looking at the bigger picture, we're got a lot to be proud of. I've seen in the last few years the efforts the club is making in increasing its fan base around the City of Shizuoka and beyond. It's clearly been paying off too, with average crowds way up on three years ago - and that's continued despite this year's indifferent form! Now let's pull our fingers out, secure J1 football for another year (maybe picking up the Nabisco Cup along the way) and then use our considerable supporter power to ensure mediocrity is not tolerated at Nihondaira!