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Monday, 18 August 2008

S-Pa 1-1 F. Marinos

Yet another game we should have won but didn't. Yet another chance to haul ourselves away from 15th position missed. The longer we wallow down the wrong end of the table, there bigger the emerging split in the fan base becomes. On the whistle, the behind the goal crew was split between those booing the continued poor form, those getting behind the team, and a sizeable number too bloody exhausted and let down to do either. Greeting the S-Pulse team bus as it emerged from the stadium was a small but vocal group berating the recent form and chanting (though I'm not totally versed in Japanese mob vocabulary, I did check) for Kenta's neck. It's safe to say the moment we go out the League Cup that group will grow considerably.

Next up is Reysol at home, the first home game of the season I won't be at, although many others of the Ultras family will be behind the goal as usual. Another poor result on Saturday and things will start getting really sticky for Kenta. With a team full of young talent, 15th position was surprising after ten games, but unthinkable after 21. Yes, we're missing an out and out striker aka Jae-Jin, but looking at Kyoto, Fernandinho seems to be doing OK up front. His transfer was the most baffling thing to of happened this season, and something which has proven in no way justified (which of course we all knew the moment we heard about it). As mentioned previously, Kenta is in the privileged position of having been in charge at Nihondaira longer than any other manager. If he's still there at the start of next year is something I'm really starting to wonder about...

Anyway, enough doom and gloom, I'll just give a quick mention before I sign off to the brilliant Marinos umbrella dance - by far the most imaginative and colourful display a team has brought to Nihondaira in years!

Here's our goal from Iwashita captured on my camera. Please excuse the finger over the top of the screen for half of it!