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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Rainy days and football never get me down...

Oooops, bit late this blog post - been a busy week of parties (Happy Birthday to me) and fun. Sunday last was my first BDO (Big Day Out) this year due to monies, and I've yet to see an away win. Mind you, I'm thanking my lucky stars it was an away draw seeing as it nearly went down the pan in the last few minutes!

The rain at the start of the game was initially cooling and pleasant, we UK Ultras get a tad hot every now and again and welcomed the first drops. The torrential downpour that followed was somewhat less desired however! There was an awesome turnout of Shimizu peeps at Omiya Park and the rain did not put them off, the singing was as loud as ever. We do love our team.

It was another frustrating game though, with S-Pa having plenty of chances, and plenty of shots on-target - so on-target in fact that the ball continually landed in the keepers' hands. Frustrating as ever. In fact, there was only one occasion when the keeper actually had to make an effort to save the ball. Its not that we are a bad team, we are good, but when will we start scoring more?

Jungo was injured early on in the game due to a careless tackle which may or may not have seen certain members of the UK Ultras shouting abusive language. Looks like he's out all season, can't say I am overly chuffed about that, here's hoping he recovers quickly and as well as possible.

When Omiya scored their goal, I thought I was going to die, and could sense Shizza next to me, in the same, "oh-my-God-you-must-be-kidding-not-another-last-chance-loss" and the relief that swept through me when it was declared offside is uncomparable. Nishibe was on pretty good form on Sunday too, he has almost been forgiven now for last year's appalling "the sun was in my eyes" event.

Still, we love the 'Pulse and I'm sure when Oka-chan and co get back, there'll be goals a plenty.

Oh yeah, and does anyone else think Ardija are more red than orange?

Highlights (Got to be happy with those travelling hoards on a Sunday evening!) :

The Offside (Check the bag which goes flying spraying it's contents all around :-D ) :


Shizuoka Dolphin said...

This game, and it's associated end-of-the-world style downpour has been featured in the J. League's official J1 review slide show.

Click here:


And click on the J1 review (far left). :)