Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Mosaic - Complete and Available Now!

Barry Barry writes 

Hope you  kept your ID number safe. I don't fancy your chances of finding yourself within the 20000+ others on the recently unveiled 20th Anniversary mosaic without it!

It's pretty big - B1
The complete mosaic is available to view here. Just put in your ID number in the bottom right box and click the search button.

If you sent in your picture and wish to purchase one you can do so here, via the official online shop. If you don't read Japanese or need it shipped beyond Japan, then we may have a problem. As far as I'm aware, there is neither English support or an overseas delivery option.

I've already had a request from one contributor about getting one sent to North America. This is still in process, but I'll let you know if it's a success. If so, it could pave the way for me to me help others hoping to buy S-Pulse goods. I already know of several people around the world hungry to display their allegiance to the Orange Machine.

Anyway, for now, enjoy the mosaic!


Tichmall said...

Nice, I'm glad we managed to complete the mosaic ! My ID is 001657, and I'm not sure my message is even correctly written, as I'm not Japanese. :p

Love my team and love your blog, keep it up !

Barry said...

Top work! Great to see foreign faces on the mosaic. As for your message, I can understand it easily enough, so no need to worry! :)