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Monday, 1 November 2010

Hasegawa's Resignation Official - The Rumour Mill Begins

BarryBarry writes:

The end of Kenta's reign is now official. Whether he was simply denied a new contract or took the decision himself, I guess we'll have to wait to find out. Teruyoshi Ito and Daisuke Ichikawa are said to be leaving with him, with Frode also in his final year for us. Whoever takes us over next year will have a few squad numbers to fill.

Speaking of which, former Saudia Arabian national team manager, the Dutchman Gerard van der Lem, is being touted as a potential replacement for Kenta. Mito HollyHock manager Takashi Kiyama is also being mentioned. Another name also in the mix is that of Afshin Ghotbi, current Iranian national team coach. Hasegawa's timing is good insomuch as it gives the club a nice long period in which line up his successor.

Watch this space.


Masakuni said...

I'm sure that Kenta to resign is a
big news.
But I heard a rumour that Teru and Ichi are also to resign.
I think that this rumour is much bigger than it.
Isn't it?

William said...

Sad to see Kenta go, but changes have to be made. I have no surprise to see this move, in fact, recently I had been thinking may be we should have someone to replace Kenta as this team have another late season collapse. The slogan "the confidence" have nothing to help another year of disappointment.