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Friday, 19 November 2010

Cup Quarter Final Venue Confirmed

BarryBarry writes:

Emperor's Cup 1/4 Final, Nihondaira Stadium
Christmas Day 2010

S-Pulse v Yamagata

Kick off 1pm.


So much for Sendai! :) If we make it through, the semi final will be played at 1pm, Ecopa on December 29th.


Yujiro said...

he he he:) Busy 'til New Year's Day!

KobeSamurai said...

Hello, sorry to butt in from nowhere!! Great site! Alan from jsoccer.com here. I am doing an article called Views From the Street for the Japan Times to be published next Tuesday (if all goes to plan), which consists of me asking people what they thought was the best moment of the season in J.League.

Usually I do it "on the street", as it were, but I have had this idea of getting people like you - obviously passionate about the game - to send me something via email and, I HOPE I can use the logo of your site instead of a head and shoulders picture as is usually done. of course, if you prefer to be named and pictured, that's fine,also and, just in case the Japan Times editor does not accept my idea and wants a name and a picture instead of a web site name and a logo, please do send a name and a picture of yourself, head and shoulders (not too close, not too accurate is OK, they prefer one with space around it as opposed to a passport-style pic, so they can crop it, anyway).

They ask me for 10 or so quotes and only use 6 or 7 so no promises in the end, but if you wish to contribute, please send me a quote by email, along with a name and a picture, as well as the web site name you'd prefer to be quoted and a logo if you can. Either or, both, whatever. I'll do my best to get some web sites publicizes in the Japan Times, but will get some quotes from people who know and care about the game anyway, for sure!

The quote should be a simple 25-30 words approx. and might be edited!

Thanks for your time,

KobeSamurai said...

Better let you have an email address - kobesamurai@gmail.com or if that's edited out try kobesamurai at gmail dot com :-)

Barry said...

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the message! No worries, I'll have a think about my quote and get back to you within the next couple of days. :)


KobeSamurai said...

Thanks Barry - Japan Times have said, after all they prefer "from the street" so no sites, but that doesn't mean you can't give me your name, age, occupation, picture and comment - mail it to kobesamrai@gmail.com
Thanks again