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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Magnitude 6 Quake Rocks Shizuoka

BarryBarry writes:

You know something is up when you're woken to find your furniture dancing around the apartment by itself. This morning just after 5am a big earthquake hit Shizuoka City and prefecture causing a lot damage, most minor but some major. A growing number of injuries are being reported but thankfully no deaths.
The wall at the moat of Sumpu Castle took it hard

We here at UK Ultras Towers are all fine, but shaken, and hoping the aftershocks stop sooner rather than later. Click here for full details.


manyar said...

Glad to hear all is well. Looked a bit hairy on the news.

Barry said...

Thanks for the message, Manyar. Yeah, there were a few seconds where it was really nasty, but luckily for all concerned that didn't last too long.

Speaking to several Shizuokans today most said it was the strongest they'd experienced. That said, we're still waiting for The Big One... :(

Mike Tuckerman said...

Glad to hear that all are well.

I spoke to an ex-pro up in Tokyo not long after it happened and he reckoned it was the worst quake he's ever experienced.

Barry said...

Thanks for the message, Mike. Yeah, it was pretty bad, and there's officially one death as a result of the quake. We're fortunate it wasn't more.

As I was typing this I just felt another minor aftershock, and I'm getting pretty sick of them, I don't mind telling you!