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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

S-Pulse 0-1 Montedio Yamagata (Nabisco Cup)

Barry Barry writes:

Well at least it wasn't 6-2. :)

8200 S-Pulse, and (maybe) 45 Yamagata supporters turned out

Yamagata were a very hard team to play against. They spent most the second half with eleven men behind the ball and / or five players swarming round our player in possession. They also didn't stop - they challenged for everything, they ran for everything and gave us a lesson in BOTHERING.

This wasn't helped by our endless, and I do mean endless, stream of unforced errors, sloppy errors in judgement and general hopelessness in maintaining anything beyond two or three minutes of threatening football at any one time. I can't be bothered to write much else, and if you'd been there too, you'd not begrudge me that one little bit.

The highlight of my, and quite possibly Fuz's, night was scoffing a Sasebo Burger before kick off. Much like a kebab at 4am, it doesn't look so good in the cold light of day, but trust me when I say is was bloody luverly.

Back to the league on Saturday, away to Niigata.


Fuz said...

That burger was awesome. Shame the game wasn't.