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Friday, 1 May 2009

Hiroshima v S-Pa (Preview)

OK, this isn't really a preview at all. It's just to let you know that I'm off to Hiroshima for a long weekend of football and seeing the sights, so no report until at least Tuesday. Have a good Golden Week one and all!

Three points, please boys!


sanfrecceole said...

Don't think anyone would have predicted a 0-0. Especially not now that it makes two 0-0s on the bounce for us. Sanfrecce winning clean sheets and getting shut out, what is the world coming to?

Good news for Brighton also. I'm an alumunus of the University. The new stadium should be a great improvement over the Withdean, that place was just depressing.

Shizuoka Dolphin said...

Ha, small world! Yeah, seriously, once we're in our new ground we can finally start on towards the serious business of getting back to top flight football! Withdean is awful, and we've had to put up with it for nearly a decade. Unbelievable, but at least the end is in sight!

As for Saturday, yeah, I wouldn't have gone for a no score draw beforehand. We consistently lacked the final ball, although your keeper also pulled off a couple of excellent saves to deny Nagai and Yamamoto.

Some great pictures on your site, and I can spot myself in this one:


On the far left, reaching down for the sun screen probably! Gorgeous weather, and while I don't really dig running tracks, your ground was so surrounded by hills and trees, I couldn't help but like it. :)