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Monday, 4 May 2009

S-Pa vs JEF (Preview)

Fuz Fuz writes:

Seeing as Shizza buggered off to Hiroshima all weekend, I thought I'd better do his job for him and knock up a quick preview of tomorrow's game. Some people neglect their responsibilities at times.

Nah, only joking, I'm just jealous I couldn't go!

OK - so here we are, the great and glorious Shimizu S Pulse, four games and no wins.... I'm not going to complain about not losing - and Yohei even managed a clean sheet on Saturday, but a win would be a pleasant change.

Now, I don't particularly hate JEF. They don't get up my nose in the way Urawa or Little Jubilo do, or even those dirty so-and-sos Tokyo Verdy. At least two UK Ultras have a soft spot for Alex Miller, fellow countryman and ex-Ger - ok, so the ex Rangers player part is only appreciated by me, but still - but that doesn't change the fact that I'd like to see them get completely destroyed tomorrow.

It may well happen. JEF haven't had the best run recently either - losing, drawing and losing, and they are currently sitting second bottom. S-Pulse have started to pick up, with Paulo in the team we look a lot stronger and there is a fight starting to come through.

I'll be surprised if Johnsen is still first choice tomorrow - he hasn't done anything of importance to date and Nagai is looking a lot hungrier. I'd start Nagai and Oka-chan and having Hara waiting in the wings, but who knows what Kenta is thinking. It's a 7pm kick off, so no fear of Nishibe missing the ball for the sun... he might manage another clean sheet if he concentrates on catching the ball rather than batting it away and giving our opponents another chance at scoring.

Come on lads, a Golden Week victory is just what Shimizu needs. I'd like some fireworks before I go home tomorrow!