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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hiroshima 0-0 S-Pa

Third draw in a row, and this time a nil nil. Just what you need after a four hundred mile journey! :-D The late report is on account of only having got back from Hiroshima last night. We made a long weekend of it seeing the sights, hitting Miyajima and scoffing unhealthy amounts of okonomiyaki. Brilliant. :)

A good couple of hundred make the mammoth trip out west

As for the game, despite some nice link up work and good forward movement by the likes of Jungo and Paulo, we lacked the final ball time and time again. As a result, our best chances came from long range or set pieces. When we did manage to get a great ball onto Nagai's head it needed a stunning save from the home keeper to deny him.

A second half effort comes to naught

On the bright side, we successfully shut out the second highest scorers in the league, and kept our fifth clean sheet of the season in the process. Yet another draw is not doing us any favours, though, and three points against Chiba today is a must. We have to go to Kashima next week who are, as expected, topping the table.
Goal! Goal! Ooooooh, Goal! Goal! Ooooooh!
The players got our goal call until every last one of them was out of sight and down the tunnel. We demand goals, and starting today against JEF, they must surely come! As of yesterday afternoon nearly 17000 tickets had been sold, so let's not let our orange hordes down!



Anonymous said...

My flickr set is up at


Hope you enjoyed your trip.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I guess you already found the set, didn't read the reply. I figured if I took enough shots I'd get you guys in there somewhere ;D

Shizuoka Dolphin said...

No worries! Yeah, all in all it was a great weekend spent exploring the city and eating the local fodda.

The highlight for me was the football, obviously, though. :)