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Monday, 13 April 2009

UK Ultras T-Shirts On Sale Now!

You've read the fanzine, now own the T-Shirt!

As you may remember, yours truly has been beavering away as and when time permitted trying to come up with a decent design for a UK Ultras t-shirt. I'm now happy to announce the release of something of simple beauty and breathtaking style: the first official apparel of the UK Ultras supporter group!

They are available in black, white and S-Pulse orange. Black and white also come in women's sizes. We use Prinfection to power our online store, so click here to have a look. There is no mark up on any of the shirts, and all prices are the absolute base as set by Printfection.

Black and white (front)
Black and white (back)

I may not have a degree in graphic design, but sometimes simple is best, and I think they look pretty smart. :) We've already produced around twenty which have gone to to eager UKU members, and we have a load more on order. Feel free to join the fun and order yours today!


Anonymous said...

Top notch mate! I'm in Canada and haven't been to a match in AGES! Any chance you know of a site that sells Shimizu kits, ships to Canada and isn't 18 500 yen? :D

Dollar-wise I was hoping around $100 Canadian or less. Any help is appreciated!

Barry said...

Whoops - sorry, I somehow managed to space on replying. Glad I finally remembered!

Anyway, I just had a look on the official site and the current price seems to be 13,440 which is 170 Canadian, and that's before shipping. I recently helped purchase something for an overseas fan and all shipping costs came to an extra 2000 yen, so I guess you're looking at around 200 Canadian.

They do have the cheaper t-shirt type shirts (not what the players wear) which are much cheaper, but the game shirts are crazily overpriced (yet people still buy them).

Anonymous said...

Hi Barry,

How would I go abouts arranging for someone to buy me certain products then I send money to em? Would really love the new kits!