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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Not best pleased...

Sums up my feelings about today. After a promising first half where we looked the stronger side, we fell apart in the second. Losing to your nearest rival is never a pleasant experience, but so much less so when its 3-0, which qualifies as a proper gubbing, in my book.

Despite the sunny weather and the home jack as the S-Pa troops easily outranked Jubilo's mob it just wasn't to be our day.

I'm too depressed to analyze the whole match but in short, I don't really understand what Kenta is doing. For weeks now Johnsen has been starting and doing not very much, he always seems to be just a bit too slow and never in the right place at the right time. Nagai finally got a run on today, but I couldn't understand why we restricted our defence in order to have four forwards on the park - I would have taken Johnsen off for Nagai myself.

I find myself feeling similar to last season when Okazaki was perpetually on the bench and Nishizawa was not doing very much - wondering if Kenta realized the potential talent he has sitting there not getting the chance to do anything. Paulo is a solid player, good at creating chances and while he is useless in the box, if we played him in midfield he could create more opportunities for Okazaki. Seems to me that Yamamoto isn't cutting it, and Oka-chan is spending a lot of his time trying to create and score goals. We have a solid bunch of talented players, so why isn't Kenta making the most of them?

Nishibe.... hrm. While the second and third goals can't be pinned on him the first certainly can. I don't understand why he got his first team place back - he wsa dropped last year for Kaito who consistently put in good performances until he was injured. Why does injury apparently mean losing your first team place? Surely once he recovered, as he apparently has, he should have been reinstated?

And what about Genki? He seems to have vanished from even the bench completely...

I could moan all day and all night really. I've been annoyed by team selection for a while but when it really starts affecting results it seems so much more serious.

Come on, Kenta, sort it out - and I hope there are some bollockings going on at Nihondaira / Miho this week.