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Saturday, 25 April 2009

S-Pa 1-1 Kashiwa

In short, it was one of those games you come home from just happy you're still alive to tell the tale.

Well done to everyone who braved the wind and rain today. Over four thousand chose to stay home despite having already bought a ticket. Maybe we'll get a roof behind the goal to get more through the gate on rainy days. We can hope!

I took the camera out only briefly

I'm still dripping, so I'm off for a bath. :)

Click here for an excellent airbourne Okachan pic.

Line up:

GK Nishibe

DF Takaki
DF Aoyama
DF Iwashita
DF Kodama

MF Hyodo
MF Edamura
MF Yamamoto
MF Honda

FW Okazaki
FW Nagai

Subs Used:

Hara on for Nagai (63)
Johnsen on for Honda (75)
Tsujio on for Takaki (83)


Click here to read from another brave soul at 'Daira yesterday, Mike Tuckerman. For a neutral report, click here for The Rising Sun's view of match.