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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Thoughts on 2008 - Fuz's perspective.

Fuz Fuz writes:

I should really apologize to Shizza for being left to run all the updates and whatnot here on his own. It isn't that I don't want to, but more that I don't have a job which allows lots of personal internet usage during the day. Basically, I am actually busy.

Anyway. Enough of the excuses and on to the important stuff - the football. Ultimately, I was more than pleased with where we finished in the league last year given our horrendous start to the season and as more of our younger players got a chance and Marcos Paulo showed what he can really do, I started to really enjoy some of the football. Paulo without a doubt was our single most improved player last year, and as long as he isn't expected to do anything with the ball inside the box is a strong capable player - and lets face it, I love anyone who can take the piss out of the opposition single-handedly. I'm just that kind of girl.

Anyone who sits within a 5km radius of me at Nihondaira surely picked up on some rather colourful aspects of the English language over the last season (and possibly some of the Scots) as frustration occasionally took over every pulse of my being. S-Pulse? Now and again it should have been F-Pulse. So many times the story was the same: we played better. We had more chances. We should have won easily... but we would throw it away and grant the opposition a point, or worse, when the teams were equally matched and we gave away the full match points towards the end. 2008 was a year when S-Pulse nearly broke my heart, so many times, only to pull it all together towards the end and give us a respectable finish.

I spent weeks whining about Oka-chan being on the bench and was very happy when Kenta finally saw sense and started giving the lad a place from the start. And look what happened? He scored lots and made it into the national team. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can do in 2009. I'm sure he and our newly acquired Mr Johnsen will be the cause for more than one ロコロコ next season!

Can't say I'm surprised nor sorry to see the back of Aurelio - it would have taken a lot for me to forgive him for missing that penalty, and frankly, he didn't even try.

As I am a vindictive person, I am quite happy that Fernandhino ended up clubless briefly after Kyoto decided they didn't need him, and we certainly don't want or need players who don't love the jersey.

Still not sure about Nishibe...

Highs of the 2008 season? Consistently thumping Kashima Antlers (who really must dislike us by now) and giving Gamba another couple of doings. LocoLoco. The Nabisco Cup gave us a great run and a cup final must be the best BDO there is. Oh, and Jubilo having to fight off relegation. That gave us all a right good laugh.

Lows? Losing to Jubilo, the Nabisco Cup Final and the start of the season. The Nabisco Cup final was a terrible game with a terrible result. To add insult to injury, their fans didn't even move or open their mouths until after their goal.

Anticipations for 2009? Sitting in the sunny 'Daira drinking beer watching my heroes guide us to victory. Seriously though, watch this space, Kenta is forming a solid team and I think we are going to be a force to be reckoned with next season.


Shizuoka Dolphin said...

"I don't have a job which allows lots of personal internet usage during the day."

Me neither since last year! Cheeky. :)

Fuz said...

You say "since last year" like that was a long time. I'd remind you it is January boyo, and you've had a whacking lot of holidays so far in 09. So your argument doesn't count for tuppence, and I remain infallible.