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Friday, 23 January 2009

Squad Numbers and New Player's Comments

On a busy day of news, not only was our new kit revealed and updated club slogan announced, squad numbers for 2009 were also made public. The full list can be found here, but for the sake of brevity, here are our new signings:

Ota 4
Nagai 9
Yamamoto 17
Johnsen 18
Kijima 19

Wonderboy Hara moves to number 11. Of the comments made by our newcomers today, here is what I can pick out from the two big names with my not especially good translating skills:


"I'm delighted to be be joining such a friendly club as S-Pulse. Even as an opponent, I could tell S-Pulse were a great club, so I'm grateful to join that. I will endeavour to play to my full potential at S-Pulse."


"I'm truly happy to be joining S-Pulse. I'm getting accustomed to life here already, and creating such a good relationship with my team mates so quickly will only help us when it comes to getting results. I can't wait to get on the pitch!"

And if I got anything wrong, which I probably did, players say pretty much the same thing whenever they join a club, so I doubt I've strayed too far from the general gist. :)

Roll on pre-season friendly with Jubilo!